Exhibition Registration Form

Companies wishing to participate at the Exhibition, are kindly requested to complete the following form attached with the payment details and return to the Summit Secretariat.

The following will be offered to the Exhibitors:

  • One complimentary pass as an Exhibitor
  • Booth with minimum space of 12m²
  • Fascia board with company name
  • 3×100w spotlight
  • 1×220v electrical outlet
  • 2×chairs
  • 1×table
  • Printing company name in the Exhibition Book
We will also be able to offer a number of additional equipment
with extra charges

The Exhibition Fee is € 400 / m2

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      Hotel accomodation package is inclusive:
      • - 3 nights stay at Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel
      • - Transportation (Airport, Hotel, Venue)
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    33. - Visiting Industrial Centers & Tourist Attractions

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