A Glance at IMIS 2015

The 1st Iran Mines and Mining Industries (IMIS 2015) "Development & Investment", was held during March31-June1, 2015 in Milad Tower International Conference Center, with participation of more than 590 Iranian and International companies, active in various disciplines of Mines and Mining disciplines as well as other pertaining fields, consisting investors, mining companies, mining machinery companies, consulting companies, technical and engineering companies, contractors, banks and financial institutions. The Summit was focused on introducing the latest investment and cooperation opportunities in Iran's mines as well as presenting advanced technologies, machinery & equipment and management skills.

It is noteworthy to state that the following main Iran's mining projects were comprehensively presented  at this summit:

  1. East Parvadeh Coal Mine Equipping Project
  2. North Kouchekali Coal Mine Equipping Project
  3. Kouhedam Ploymetal Mines Equipping Project
  4. Taroud Brine Deposits Equipping Project
  5. Khor-Biabank Potash Project
  6. Magnesium Oxide Production Plant Project
  7. Angoran Sulphurized Ore Equipping & Exploitation Project
  8. Petroleum Coke Project
  9. Alumina Production From Nepheline Syenite Project
  10. Graphite Electrode Project
  11. Parvadeh IV Coal Project
  12. Guinea Bauxite Project
  13. Kahnooj Titanium Project
  14. Persian Gulf Alumina Project

Iran Mines & Mining Industries Equipment Exhibition, was held beside the aforesaid Summit for presenting the professional relevant equipment and services of mines and mining industry, as well as providing a special trade platform for manufacturers and buyers.


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