Local, regional & international markets

  • Markets of PE products & applications including 1)film & sheet 2)pipes & fittings 3)injection & blow molding industries 4) cable & wire 5)recycling industry 6) others
  • Packaging, building, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, and …
  • Compounding & master batch industry
  • Competition opportunities in regional & international markets

Technologies for PE value chain and downstream industries

  • Introduction of the most up to date technologies for different PE grades 1)film & sheet 2)pipes & fittings 3)injection & blow molding industries 4) cable & wire 6) others
  • Challenges of existing technologies in downstream industries consuming grades, Solutions
  • Role of technology & advanced equipment in downstream development

Iran competitive advantages & analysis of PE downstream industries driving forces

  • Raw materials availability & good quality
  • Availability of variable regional export markets
  • Demand growth in Iran & the region
  • Low-cost expert human resources
  • Low-cost energy

Role of knowledge based companies in value chain completion and development of new technologies

  • Localization of PE downstream technologies
  • Production of required additives
  • Manufacturing & upgrading of PE downstream equipment
  • Establishment of specialized technology centers for PE downstream developments

Investment opportunities in PE downstream industries

  • Facilities & advantages of economic special and free trade zones
  • Trans-country investments
  • Incomplete projects
  • Potential projects as per new market demand
  • Chemical parks

Challenges facing PE industry and related downstream industries

  • Financing
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Environmental
  • Management systems for industrial corporations
  • Remove of production obstacles

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