• Alessandro Barbisotti

    Alessandro Barbisotti

    Founder & President, Backstage Hospitality Group, Italy
  • Stephen A Brooks

    Stephen A Brooks

    CEO & Founder, The Pop Up Retail Expert, UK
  • Gary Burrows

    Gary Burrows

    Managing Director, Malls & Meeting Places, FitForCommerce, UAE
  • Davide Cavalieri

    Davide Cavalieri

    CEO, Cavalieri Retailing


    Chief Mall Mechanic®, Beyond Squarefeet, India
  • Alessandro Gaffuri

    Alessandro Gaffuri

    Founder & CEO, CELS Group, UAE
  • Augusto Di Giacinto

    Augusto Di Giacinto

     Italian Trade Commissioner in Iran, ITA, Italy
  • Stephen Laundy

    Stephen Laundy

    Managing Director, Fashion Compass, UK
  • Joseph Leftwich

    Joseph Leftwich

    Director, Retail Management Consultants, UK
  • Mohammad Hossein Mehryazdan

    Mohammad Hossein Mehryazdan

    Head of the Board, Imperial Brand, Iran
  • Peyman Molavi

    Peyman Molavi

    Managing Director, Institute of Shaping Iranian Economy, Iran
  • Payam Navi

    Payam Navi

    Senior Customer Experience Consultant &Lecturer, CX Strategist
  • Faezeh Hedayat Nazari

    Faezeh Hedayat Nazari

    Researcher, Institute for Trade Studies and Research, Iran
  • Jayne Rafter

    Jayne Rafter

    Publisher & Owner,RLI ,UK
  • Hossein Selahvarzi

    Hossein Selahvarzi

    First Vice Chairman, Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries, Mines & Agriculture, Iran
  • Mohammad Reza Saadat

    Mohammad Reza Saadat

    Institute for Trade Studies and Research, Iran
  • Afsaneh Shafiee

    Afsaneh Shafiee

    Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Trade Studies and Research, Iran
  • Lance Stanbury

    Lance Stanbury

    Managing Director, Mall Consultant Ltd., UK
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